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Unleash the Potential of Commodities Trading

Conquer the oldest financial market with a fresh appeal - commodities. From large-scale trades to small moves, commodities offer enticing opportunities. At TradingIM, we bring you the world of CFDs on energy, silver, gold, and agricultural products that consistently beckon traders. Whether you prefer steady or volatile goods like crude oil, iron ore, sugar, or coffee, our solid trading platform empowers you to seize the potential of commodities trading. Explore new horizons and embrace the power of TradingIM by your side in this dynamic market.

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Unlock the Power of Precious Metals Trading

Diversify your portfolio with the allure of precious metals. Gold, silver, copper, and platinum present popular investment choices that can enhance your trading strategy. The liquidity and high value of these precious metals make them particularly attractive for CFD trading.

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Trade Commodity CFDs

In today's trading landscape, commodities can be accessed without physical ownership through CFDs. TradingIM ensures our traders enjoy fast and efficient access to their preferred commodities through CFD trading. With us, you can open a trade and swiftly enter the commodity market in seconds.

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Top Commodity CFDs for Traders

Tradable CFD's Description Trading Hours GMT+3 Spread in points
BRNT-Future contract Brent Crude Oil 03:00-24:00Mon 00:01-01:00&03:00-24:00 Tue-Fri 7 Buy Sell
CL-Future contract
Light Sweet Crude Oil 01:00-24:00 7 Buy Sell
NGAS-Future contract Natural Gas  01:00-24:00 7 Buy Sell
COCOA-Future contract Cocoa Futures 11:45-20:30 70 Buy Sell
COFFE-Future contract Coffee Futures 11:15-20:30 8 Buy Sell
SUG11-Future contract Sugar #11 Futures 10:30-20:00 8 Buy Sell
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TradingIM: Empowering Commodity Trading Confidence

Step into the world of commodity trading with TradingIM by your side. We are here to boost your confidence every step of the way. With our innovative trading terminals, you can shine brilliantly in the commodity market. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with transparent and encrypted financial transactions. Expand your knowledge with our comprehensive education materials, equipping you with new skills to excel.
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