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Unlock Peak Opportunities in Metal Trading with TradingIM

Metal trading holds immense potential in the commodity market. Whether it's silver, gold, or platinum, these precious metals offer promising investment opportunities to counter the volatility of other markets, such as FX. Diversify your portfolio and seize the peak trading opportunities that metals CFDs present. With TradingIM's experienced team and robust trading platform, you never have to navigate the metal market alone.

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Unlock the Power of Precious Metals Trading

Diversify your portfolio with the allure of precious metals. Gold, silver, copper, and platinum present popular investment choices that can enhance your trading strategy. The liquidity and high value of these precious metals make them particularly attractive for CFD trading.

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New Opportunities in Metal Trading with TradingIM

TradingIM is dedicated to helping you achieve new goals in metal trading. Our extensive range of educational materials is designed to enhance your trading decisions and provide valuable insights. Benefit from the expertise of professionals around the globe through our free webinars, e-books, and blogs on CFD trading.

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Our top metals CFDs for our top traders

Tradable CFD's Description Trading Hours GMT+3 Spread in points
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar 01:00 - 24:00 74 Buy Sell
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar 01:00 - 24:00 74 Buy Sell
COPP-Future Contract Copper  01:00-24:00 8 Buy Sell
PALAD-Future contract Palladium Futures 01:00-24:00 8 Buy Sell
PLAT-Future contract Palladium Futures 01:00-24:00 210 Buy Sell
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Unleash the Power of Metal Trading with TradingIM

TradingIM is your trusted partner in the world of metal trading. We provide unparalleled support in every trading move you make. Our wide range of metal CFDs offers you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and explore a multitude of trading possibilities. With TradingIM, you can always stay flexible in the dynamic trading landscape, leveraging the best assets available.
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