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Enjoy the variety of stock CFDs on TradingIM.

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Take advantage of trading CFDs on Tesla, BWM, Apple, and more.

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Seize Stock Trading Opportunities with TradingIM

Experience the world of stock trading hand in hand with TradingIM. By trading stocks via CFDs, you unlock a realm of exciting opportunities. Through our platform, you gain quick access to world-famous stocks like Microsoft, Tesla, Boeing, and many more. No need to navigate the stock market or own the underlying assets - TradingIM provides you with all the necessary instruments for fast and easy entry into stock CFD trading.

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Maximize Stock Trading Opportunities

Our CFD trading platform is designed to cater to your every trading need, and stock trading is no exception. With leverage on stock CFDs of up to 1:200 and minimum pips starting from 0.01, TradingIM empowers you to make the most of every stock trading opportunity that comes your way. Our lightning-fast terminals and innovative technologies are at your service, ensuring you never miss a moment in the dynamic world of stock trading.

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Seamless Stock Trading Anytime, Anywhere with TradingIM

Experience the freedom of trading stocks at your convenience with TradingIM. Whether you prefer the comfort of your home or need to trade on the go, we have you covered. With our user-friendly Webtrader, enjoy trading stocks on the big screen from the comfort of your own space. For those constantly on the move, our Mobile App provides seamless access, allowing you to open or close trades wherever you are.

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Our top stocks CFDs for our top traders

Tradable CFD's Description Trading Hours GMT+3 Spread in points
AMAZON Amazon 16:30-23:00 35 Buy Sell
APPLE Apple  16:30-23:00 56 Buy Sell
TESLA Tesla  16:30-23:00 70 Buy Sell
FACEBOOK Meta Platforms Inc. (fmr Facebook) 16:30-23:00 70 Buy Sell
MSFT Microsoft Corporation 16:30-23:00 42 Buy Sell
GOOGLE Meta Platforms Inc. (fmr Facebook) 16:30-23:00 14 Buy Sell
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Empowering Stock Traders with TradingIM's Support

Our comprehensive education materials are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in stock CFD trading. Explore our range of courses, webinars, blogs, and more, all aimed at enhancing your understanding of best trading practices. With TradingIM's helping hand and powerful trading platform, you never have to navigate the world of stock trading alone.
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